If you have bought an Xbox One recently, then you have a reason to smile as the device can even allow you to play Xbox 360 games. Unfortunately, the process is not as simple as inserting any old disc you might own and hoping it would work. Here you can know more about how to play Xbox Games on Xbox One.

The Emulator

As Xbox one can’t play Xbox 360 games normally, Microsoft has created an emulator that simulates the software and hardware used in Xbox 360. So, Xbox 360 games run only in this emulator. Surely this might remind you on how you used to run old console games in emulators on a PC. Before setting your expectations high, please remember that all Xbox 360 games won’t work on Xbox One.

The Process

If you are sure that you own an Xbox 360 game that is compatible with the Xbox One, you just need to insert it into the latter’s disc drive. As soon as you do that, a ported version of the game will be downloaded by Xbox One from the Microsoft servers, and it will soon be visible on the console. In case you only have a digital copy of the game, you should know that you can download it from Microsoft’s servers similarly as you would download any other game for your Xbox One.

What Next?

Once you start playing an Xbox 360 game on Xbox One, you should remember that some games might have minor hitches or graphical problems that never existed before. In contrast, some games might look and feel better on Xbox One as compared to Xbox 360. If you want, you can use the Game DVR feature of Xbox One to record the gameplay.

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