Virtual reality has become a vital part of our lives these days. It provides a form of entertainment that’s different than the rest and exceptionally cool. If you are also a fan of virtual reality games and you are hoping to play some cool games in a safe and monitored setting then you need to read on. Here we have mentioned the answer to where can I play virtual reality games online.

The list we have compiled includes all sorts of fun things like puzzles, games, safe chat, social messaging and social networking as well.

  • Pocoyo World – It is meant for small kids who want their first taste of a virtual world with some help from the adults.
  • Space Heroes Universe – This website allows kids to try on some fun and exciting space-age games
  • The Club – This game is perfect for tweens who are die-hard fans of the Nick characters.
  • Club Penguin Island – It is a VR world where kids can have some community fun.
  • Franktown Rocks – This website allows kids to enjoy music and social networking in a cool and safe hangout destination.
  • Pottermore – No matter whether you are a kid or an adult, if you are a true Harry Potter fan, you will love being on this website. Though it has more info that interactivity, you still won’t be able to resist it if you are a true Potterhead.
  • Kidzworld – It is a nicely monitored website where kids need to uphold community standards. It can help your kid learn new stuff.

Our World – Last but certainly not the least, this website opens the doors to the virtual world with games. Presence of smart parental controls means that parents remain in control and feel safe even when the kids are hooked to it.