Trying to find web hosting services – be it for reseller hosting or your own platform – is a challenge. Thankfully, it’s not impossible. The market is full of excellent options for hosting your web applications. You only need to know where to look. We have found some of the best web hosting services for applications on the internet. You’re bound to find at least one of them ticks the boxes for your requirements.


In 2007, a cloud platform known as Heroku was founded, ready to start an entirely new trend for web hosting services and reseller hosting. Heroku is what is known as PaaS, or platform as a service. It supports several programming languages such as Java, Node.js, PHP, Go, and Python, all the while being versatile and durable for many users.

What people love about Heroku is that the developer has full control – be it for reseller hosting or essential web hosting services. You can build, run and scale applications in whichever programming language you prefer.

Digital Ocean

Whether you require web hosting services on one virtual machine for yourself, or for reseller hosting on 10,000, Digital Ocean can help. Digital Ocean is a cloud platform either for developers, or their teams. There are several pricing structures from which to choose – all of which prove to be competitive in the marketplace. You can also decide whether you want “standard” web hosting services or CPU optimized options for the likes of reseller hosting.

Amazon Lightsail

If you want an affordable, fast, reliable, and seamless platform for web hosting services, then set your sights on Amazon Lightsail. While it’s more suitable for single developers as opposed to reseller hosting projects, it’s still a valid option for many people. You can get started with only a few clicks of your mouse, while immediately having access to many Amazon services to help grow your business venture.


Whether you dabble in reseller hosting, or you need quality web hosting services for yourself, Vultr may be what you need. This sleek and seamless platform is one that prides itself on high performance and worldwide deployment. It offers a robust API, a feature-rich control panel, and the latest CPUs, too. The best part is, there are no long-term contracts. You only pay for the time you use.


Linode offers developers and reseller hosting experts the chance to start a server on their platform in only seconds. To use Linode, you can pick a plan, a distro, a location, then get the entire process underway. It’s that straightforward. Linode offers SSD storage, multiple levels of redundancy courtesy of a 40Gbps network, and Intel 5 processors. For all web hosting services and reseller hosting requirements, you can rely on Linode.

It’s clear to see there is an abundance of options for where to host your web applications. Rather than waste any more time, why not try any of these platforms above? You’re bound to find at least one that satisfies your requirements.

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